2019.07.25 News

I introduce works☆彡




This is a wreath of dogwood and ivy.









This object is made of Orne.

★★About Orne
It is a word made by combining ornament and metal.

Treating wires and pearls of various shapes and materials,
It is an item that formed the inherent beauty of plants, their geometric patterns.
Ornaments made of metal are so beautiful that they can not be described at all ☆





This is a hair ornament.

I combined Orne and American flower, and  flower made of crepe.

The silver one in this photo is Orne.






This is a hair ornament,too.
I combined artificial flower and Orne,and flower made of crepe.
The gold thing in front is Orne ♪





This is a flower arrangemet that is used 3 kinds of roses of artificial flowers.
I used 2 kinds of pink roses and
1 kind of white rose☆彡



I introduce product.
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